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Was: Now Political Now: OT Freespeech

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Stan and Others:
The majority of active members (not the apathetic lurkers) appear to want to
eliminate discussions related to Politics, strong opinions and other taboo
subjects. I tend to agree with them since these historically have become
very heated topics.

Some time ago I started a private listservice, although I think most were
afraid to post and those who did subscribe did so to watch and learn or the
see the fireworks.

It's still available for free use and you can subscribe easily at:

Feel free to let off some steam, but keep it friendly and respectful. BTW,
please do check some of the "SPIN" from both sides on the website
FactCheck.Org ( . This takes some of the pain out
of presenting wrong or inflated facts when discussing politics.

I am interested in the Outsourcing discussions and would like to offer
FreeSpeech(--nospam--at) (you must first subscribe to post at this
e-mail address) to those of you from both sides of the oceans to understand
the concerns from those losing jobs and those of you who might benefit from


Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
Structural Engineering Consultant
"Apathy is Lethal!" Speak out and Vote - but make sure you get the facts
right without the spin from either side; Verify their claims at

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well said, Bill.
Stan Scholl, P.E.
On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 19:46:34 -0500 "Bill Polhemus" <bill(--nospam--at)>
Sorry, but this just is NOT realistic! You can?t ?pick and choose? what is
and what is not ?political? and thus subject to your acceptance criteria.

We talk about a lot of issues on this list that are ?political??job
outsourcing, adoption of building codes, etc. It is less than a month until
the general election in the U.S. where we will select a President, all
congressional representatives and a third of the Senators?not to mention
various governors, legislators, etc.

It is unreasonable to expect that this isn?t going to come up from time to

Frankly, I get more annoyed by the ?don?t start this cr*p again? posts than
I do by the so-called ?political? ones, even those that espouse views
contrary to my own.

From: Bernard, Scott C. [mailto:SCBernard(--nospam--at)] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2004 1:29 PM
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Subject: RE: Was CAD serrvices - Now Political

(oops, was I too religious???)
Best Regards,
E-mail : scbernard(--nospam--at)
Web :
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Subject: Re: Was CAD serrvices - Now Political


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