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Re: Max. Allowable Story Drift per IBC 2000?

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The assumption " From what I can gather, the limits from Seismic story drift are applicable to Wind loading." is not correct.

Seismic design assumes nonlinear performance for the design ground motion. We (code writers) craft linear solutions to provide a SWAG about nonlinear seismic performance in our building codes. Wind design assumes a linear response for the service loads. The seismic design section needs to control the lateral drift to achieve the nonlinear performance required.

The building codes are focused on life safety. Serviceability is generally not a consideration for global structural performance for either seismic or wind. There are Serviceability recommendations available depending on the occupancy and structural materials, but they are not building code.

Prefabricated metal building manufacturers are all over the map on this one. At the low end they will use h/30 for a 10 year wind. This will result in a lateral drift of 12" on a 30' eave height building. Some will use h/100. The only thing that the MBMA requires is that lateral drift is to be calculated. There is no required limit. The MBMA even cautions that some clients will get upset when the lights sway during a wind storm.

There is no commonly used drift limit for low rise buildings. I would advise that you read AISC Design Guide 3 for some "recommendations".

Harold Sprague

From: David Topete <davetopete(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: Re: Max. Allowable Story Drift per IBC 2000?
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 10:24:34 -0700 (PDT)

From what I can gather, the limits from Seismic story
drift are applicable to Wind loading.  I guess it
would fall under the "Wind and Seismic Detailing"
section, IBC 1609.1.5.
David Topete, PE
--- Daniel Boltz <dboltz(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> I cannot find an allowable story drift for wind
> loads in IBC 2000.  I have a Steel Design Handbook
> that states one-story buildings can have H/300 for
> drift and multi-story buildins should have less than
> H/400 for drift.
> IBC 2000 sets maximum story drifts per Table 1617.3
> for Seismic Loads, but nothing for Wind Loads.  The
> discrepency is that the maximum drift per IBC is
> H/480 for all buildings unless the connections are
> designed to account for more drift.
> What is commonly used for allowable story drift of
> one-story and multi-story buildings?
> Thanks.
> Dan

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