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RE: Now Political Now: OT Freespeech

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> Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2004 12:31 PM
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> Subject: Re: Now Political Now: OT Freespeech
> I concur that this is a technical forum and respect it as such.
> However, it is my observation that liberal comments made on this list go
> unchallenged while conservative comments are considered to be a problem.

Personally, my problem is with self-appointed "moderators."

If a thread gets seriously out of hand, that's one thing--and I'm sure it
can be handled by the appropriate authority. But it is simply unrealistic to
expect that you will have topics like some of those we discuss that are
blatantly "political," without some sort of "meta-political" discussion
thrown in from time to time.

The original comment to which you responded is a case in point. It is
logical on the face of it to try and ascribe the present situation vis a vis
"outsourcing" to the policies of the current administration--although it is
simplistic to do so. And a response along those lines is going to elicit a
response such as yours, countering the argument. And so on.

I think we can be adults here--even the "liberals" among us :-) If the
discussion degrades into tit-for-tat, then maybe it's time for "action," but
until then I take umbrage at being told to "pipe down" when such discussions
ensue. This is a highly politically-charged time, and none of us lives in a
vacuum (however much we might wish it to be so).

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