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Re: Now Political Now: OT Freespeech

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We seem to argue only about the Democrats and Republicans. Obviously this is
not a political discussion but filled to bursting with engineering issues.
Couldn't agree more. However, this is clearly a limited and short sighted
approach to all our real problems. In the interest of expanding our
apolitical interests in engineering, I suggest starting with the
alternatives whose websites are given below. There are many more, of course,
but this is just a first step towards opening this engineering forum past
just our mundane day to day engineering practice to those topics which
really affect us when putting concrete in the ground... (we all seem to agree we need
to reform our profession in one way or another, why not start here?) (will promote environmental projects, of course a benefit
to engineers) (for those who feel that the market should be the sole
arbiter of who is most fit; out with the trash!) (this one's based on science, just apply it and
it's all ours) (who can argue with this title? I'm all for
a more peaceful existence as an engineer, especially with all the litigation
around) (worried about job export? join here!) (their opening statement refers to
structures - how can we go wrong with this one?) (why stop at Iraq? convert the whole
world and create more engineering jobs in the process) (feel betrayed? too many jobs going
overseas? don't argue, act here!) (for those who feel enough's too much, let
engineer's get back to doing their own thing without so much federal
interference) (when democracy just won't work - good for
big business, too)

As indicated above, there are many more.

And, finally, my abject apologies to anyone who feels this is "off topic" fo
r an engineering forum. But then, free speech is just that. Costs nothing.

James Cohen, PE
James Cohen Consulting, PC

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