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Re: Now Political Now: OT Freespeech

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Thanks Dennis
Outsourcing should have been a "apolitical" subject the first time you brought it up. But that thread quickly deteriorated into political name calling. This time the first post on the subject started out with a little "dig". I've watched enough of these episodes to know where they invariably lead and I'm not going to sit idly by anymore. Why is so difficult for some supposedly intelligent people to grasp the concept of keeping political name calling off this list? Frankly I doubt that anyone here is really that obtuse--although some are pleased to pretend to be. Congress apparently turned us into "manufacturers" on Tuesday. I'm curious if anyone has any information about what that means to our profession. But, sadly, I doubt that we are collectively able to have an adult discussion without somebody turning it into another political rock fight.
Chuck Utzman, P.E.

Dennis Wish wrote:

Here you have nothing to apologize for. You are referring engineers to
websites that deal with specific issues. However, these "apolitical" issues
have an ultimate effect upon our profession and should be open to
discussion. Mostly they represent the business side of our profession which
deserves some rhetoric on the topic of moral, ethical and respectful
responsibility that is the foundation of our practice.

We started this thread because we received a post from a company that
represented outsourcing to India for Cad Services. I don't see anything
wrong with engineers discussing the affect that outsourcing services might
have on the future of unlicensed graduates who seek apprenticeship programs
or upon forcing down the price of competition that may force a smaller
company out of business. Ultimately, if you can't compete, you are out of
business and so are those whom you hired to work for or with you.
This is a long winded debate and I'm sure there are good arguments on both
sides of the fence, but the basic fact is that it was a simple post that
referenced outsourcing and had implications of negative effects upon the
engineering profession that makes the discussion legitimate.

I hope this brings us back to our roots - this was and still is a legitimate
discussion and it can be done apolitically.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant


"Apathy is Lethal!" Speak out and Vote - but make sure you get the facts
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