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Re: Parking garage floors

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I always recommend Xypex as an admixture whenever there are potential water intrution issues.  As a G.C. I also had good success using it as a topical coating.  Great stuff. (However in my engineering contracts I specifically refuse to accept any responsibility for waterproofing or venting.  Too much potential for lawsuits.)
Chuck Utzman, P.E.

David Maynard wrote:
At last year's Wyoming Engineers Society Convention, I was introduced to a line a products by Xypex, who apparently specialize in water proofing of concrete.  They have several applications of their product, one of which is a slury application.  This might be something that you can incorporate into your project.  From what I gathered, it's a crystaline product that is constantly hydrating and expanding itself as water infiltrates and cracks grow.  There are several cities that have approved the Xypex products as a concrete admixture for it's leak-stopage characteristics and abilities.  If you have doubts of the Sika, you might want to give this stuff a look see.  Check it out at: 
Product Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this product in any way, shape or form, nor have I had the opportunity to specify it on any of my projects.  Therefore, I cannot speak for it's performance.  I am just relaying information that was given to me.
Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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I specified a Sika epoxy product sealer for a subterranean parking garage floor that leaks water to the level below per the Sika rep recommendation, but the contractor, who has done dozens of garage floor treatments, is advising against this product. He claims that Sika has been sued over the failure of this product, that it discolors and peels away and does not stop leaking through the concrete decks. He recommends a urathane coating. Anyone have experience with garage floor coatings?
Charles O. Laines, S.E.
Long Beach, CA