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RE: Parking garage floors

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We have used Moxie for the past couple of years on projects requiring a vapor barrier as part of a repair.  We have rolled it on concrete cast 15 years ago and about to experience it's 2nd winter.  So far so good.  They seem to have a good product line.  You can also mix their product in the concrete and inspect its coverage and existence with an ultraviolet light.
Their site was down for awhile.  I don't know what the problem was but its up now.  They are based in Roseville, California.
Keith De Lapp, P.E.
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I specified a Sika epoxy product sealer for a subterranean parking garage floor that leaks water to the level below per the Sika rep recommendation, but the contractor, who has done dozens of garage floor treatments, is advising against this product. He claims that Sika has been sued over the failure of this product, that it discolors and peels away and does not stop leaking through the concrete decks. He recommends a urathane coating. Anyone have experience with garage floor coatings?
Charles O. Laines, S.E.
Long Beach, CA