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Re: Parking garage floors

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"I specified a Sika epoxy product sealer for a subterranean parking garage floor that leaks water to the level below per the Sika rep recommendation, but the contractor, who has done dozens of garage floor treatments, is advising against this product. He claims that Sika has been sued over the failure of this product, that it discolors and peels away and does not stop leaking through the concrete decks. He recommends a urathane coating. "
This is the kind of post I find real depressing. 
Do you know anything about waterproofing?  Did you represent to the owner that you had experience in specifying waterproofing for parking garages?  Are you getting paid for this work?
Maybe there is something very strange about this parking garage, but I don't know why anyone would someone would specify an epoxy coating for a parking garage,  unless it was because they listened to their Sika rep,  who quite likely dropped out of school in 10th grade and was selling tractor tires until last week.
Epoxy is typically used for abrasion resistance.  This is not a major requirement in most parking garages.  It is not elastomeric and will tend to crack,  hence letting water through.  Many epoxies (there are hundreds of different kinds)  are very sensitive to moisture in the subgrade at the time of application.
The contractor is right - an elastomeric like polyurethane is probably going to be a whole lot better.  There are hundreds of different kinds of those as well. 
I consider Xypex to be in the snake oil category,  but that is just my opinion.
Gail Kelley