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one of those undecideds...

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Chuck and Jen:
I am confused so maybe you can straighten me out. Who do I side with? What party or person (besides Paris) did I mention? Was it the "for EXAMPLE" (in all caps) that was an endorsement? (Rhetorical questions, and this is a rhetorical email.)
The only reason I even bothered sticking my nose in this discussion is because I am neutral, and do not particularly care for either party or candidate. I just wanted to say if anyone knows any facts, backed up on fact check or similiar neutral web sites, as they pertain to SE, please let us know. Like if any candidate voted in favor of transportation or infrastructure spending, or if one candidate rose above the other on the issue of outsourcing (particularly white collar), please let us know how they voted, or if they signed a bill. I want to know because I am going to vote, but maybe I have been a bit lazy and haven't done all my research and if someone knows something FACTUAL, enlighten me. Perhaps send it to my direct email as to not offend/bother other listees.
This was a valuable lesson to me (sorry I am relatively young and still learning these things) on perhaps why politics shouldn't be discussed. I find this in my personal life to be good policy (like with my family). People generally like to discuss politics, religion, etc., only with people with the same opinions, which makes no sense to me because how do you learn the other side or other ideas. For example, I listen to liberal and conservative talk radio so I hear both sides.
But in the end, people read what they want to read (or hear), and think what they want to think, and misunderstanding is the name of the game.
Everyone have a great weekend! And GO NOLES!  Oops, my bad......
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL