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Re: Drilled Pier Minimum Diameter

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I have seen several minor structures (4'-5' high platforms, posts supporting fire extinguishers, very lightly loaded pipe supports, fence posts etc) which are supported on 12" drilled piers. If the foundation primarily carries gravity load, concrete can be placed against a sonatube form which is placed in the drilled hole. In this case the cover to reinforcement can be reduced to, say 2" and four vertical rebar, held together by circular ties, can be placed without a problem.

richard lewis <rlewistx(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I am looking for minimum diameter of a drilled pier. I was told by
another engineer that is was 18" by either the ACI or the AASHTO
specifications. I looked in my copy of ACI 336 .3 "Suggested Design and
Construction Procedure for Pier Foundation" and didn't find any minimum
diameter requirements. My copy is outdated. I don't have any AASHTO

The reason I ask is I was wondering if 12" diameter was standard
practice. I have never specified that small before. It seems to me the
rebar would be too close in a 12" diameter shaft.

I would appreciate any insight on this.



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