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RE: one of those undecideds...

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How long have you had this “Yankee pride”?


My guess is since 1996.





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From: David Maynard [mailto:davemaynard(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Friday, October 15, 2004 10:18 AM
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Subject: RE: one of those undecideds...


Bill wrote:

"This isn't like discussing who's going to win the Super Bowl, etc."


In response:

You know, whether we like it or not, the winner of such things as the Super Bowl and World Series does effect us in one way shape or form, whether we watch the BIG game or instead watch Trading Spaces on TLC.  The success, or failure for that matter, of teams in the professional sports is major.  Take the Minn. Twins for example.  When Gov. Jesse Ventura was asked if he would work to get the Twinkie's a new home field, he responded with, "We have schools that are older than that stadium."  Now, if the Twins were to win a World Series (which is very similar to say the Red Sox winning the same title, or for that matter, monkeys flying out of my butt), then there is a possibility of such activity in the sports world that would effect us all.  How???  Well, certainly we would be bombarded by Twins jerseys on the streets, in the schools, and even on the guy in the cubical next to me.  But even more deeper, there could be a strong possibility that the revenue brought in from such a championship run could result in the design and construction of a new stadium, given several people the chance to work on such a project.  Should that happen, imagine the opportunities for not only those individuals, but even those of us on the mailing list, to learn of such developments in that project as well as assisting in certain problems, pending said person is a member of this mailing list.  And then there's the whoring of that particular project to all of the structural engineering magazines that always seem to pile up on my desk (this month's Structure Magazine features yet another shameless article on The Helix Pedestrian Bridge).  Imagine the information base that one could share from such an immense project as the new Minnesota Twins baseball stadium!!!!  All because they won the World Series.


Now, thankfully, the Twinkie's won't be seen in this year's World Series and the guy in the cubical can eat his hat as I continue to show off my Yankee pride.  And, as history is sure to repeat itself, the Red Sox too will lose out, thus eliminating another city from possible expansion (though I highly doubt Boston was in need of a new stadium) as well as the certainty if either event did occur, you would surely see flying monkeys originating from my office.  Nevertheless, you can see how a professional sports team's success could greatly impact EVERYONE's world.  Imagine if the Buffalo Bills made a legitimate shot at the playoffs and Super Bowl.  Imagine the infrastructure possibilities of downtown Buffalo and Orchard Park because of such success.  Not to mention a possible expansion of the stadium or complete construction of a new one.


I think you can see where I am going, or at least where I am coming from.


Then again, I could be just like any other political journalist and take one little snippet of a quote and elaborate on it where it is so out of context it's unbelievable.  But is it really that unbelievable???  Or did I just blow your mind.  Actually, I just wanted to throw some humor into the subject.  Sorry I took you on this whirlwind adventure.  Back to more pressing issues.


Dave Maynard, PE

Gillette, Wyoming