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RE: Max. Allowable Story Drift per IBC 2000?

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You have to detail the slip joint. If it is an area separation wall, it has to be sealed with fire resisting insulation material. A good rule of thumb is that it will have 50% compressability. If I have this condition, I will target h/400, and calculate how big the joint must be. It is an itterative solution based on the practicality of the joint.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: RE: Max. Allowable Story Drift per IBC 2000?
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Subject: RE: Max. Allowable Story Drift per IBC 2000?

>Interior walls  framing perpindicular to the rigid frames (if you have
them) is
a very good reason.

What is a good drift limit for this condition?

Wesley C. Werner, EIT

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