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RE: Minimum steel in slabs on ground

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It was mentioned:
"The construction quality in many of the non-industrial and non-commercial
jobs leaves much to be desired. Typically, a WWF or rebar grid is laid on
the soil, concrete placed and the rebar grid is lifted from a few points.
The final location of rebar is anybody's guess. Unfortunately, this practice
is followed at some industrial sites as well!"

In response:
Something that may help "sag" in WWR in slabs is specify "sheets NOT rolls"
to be used.  In doing so, you eliminate some potential for reinforcing "sag"
when using WWR commonly associated with using rolls of WWR.  Along with
this, our typical spec says that the reinf. shall be supported by "benches."

For our City, you have to contact the Building Officials to have them come
out and inspect the forms and reinf. before any concrete is poured.  If said
inspection is not performed, the City demands that a licensed professional
engineer sign off on the constrution of said work.  That makes for an
interesting conversation with said contractor and/or owner when the building
official inspection is not performed.  Just something to consider.

Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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