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RE: Minimum steel in slabs on ground

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Michael -

I don't think I'm the only one who believes ACI-360R is vague and ambiguous,
particularly when it comes to SOGs used in applications you and I are
talking about (no racks, no wheels, etc.). I'm not even (absolutely) sure
(but pretty sure) that it's a good document for determining the reinforcing
in a SOG (I'm now donning my flame suit for Scott and Gail since it *might*
appear that I have obliquely criticized ACI which I am not).

Just curious, but have you observed the performance of the 4" (or, gasp,
3.5") slabs you have specified after they've been in place for a while?

And I won't comment on a 3.5" SOG with #4s E.W. (on expansive soil, no

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You are right but:
a) in this case it is true
b) the building code is only a required minimum, nothing in the building
code prevents a designer from being more conservative e.g. applying ACI 318
cover requirements for slabs on grade

There is probably a number of documents that establish their own criteria
for cover. ACI 360R has a couple of suggestions for example.
LA City requires #4@16" with a 3.5" slab but this is only for slabs on
expansive soils and compacted fill.

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