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RE: Minimum steel in slabs on ground

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Eli - 
>From what I understand, the only thing Fibermesh (fiberglass) does is reduce
the spider cracking that occurs when the surface of the concrete cures too
fast or is improperly cured. I don't think it reduces temperature and
shrinkage (and certainly not flexural) crack widths. Of course, I could be
wrong. It's happened before.
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All of this discussion/ambiguity seems to me to lead to the idea of
fibermesh as a very viable alternative for NON-structural slabs-on-grade. No
problems with cover, no confusion on % of reinforcing because the fibermesh
supplier usually takes responsibility for dosage of fibers (either glass or
steel fibers).  Our office has done a few jobs with fibermesh and all
parties involved seemed very pleased.  

That being said, I wouldn't recommend using fibermesh on heavy duty
industrial slabs or on any composite decks.

Eli Grassley
PSM Engineers

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