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RE: Minimum steel in slabs on ground

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While I agree that ACI 318 does not specifically apply to slabs on ground by
definition, the provisions of ACI 318 still represent a standard of care
when it comes to protection of reinforcement against corrosion. If no ACI
standard applies to rebar in a slab on grade, does that make it acceptable
to place the steel 1/4" from the soil? Engineers must use their judgment in
determining when to exceed the minimum code requirements for design of a
structure; similarly, judgment must be used as to when to apply code
provisions to other structures even though not explicitly covered by the

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> As has been said many times on this list, ACI 318 and its 
> cover requirements do not apply to slabs on grade. I 
> routinely used 4" slabs on grade usually with #4@18", unless 
> the geotechnical engineer or somebody tells me otherwise. The 
> City Of Los Angeles allows you to use a 3.5" S.O.G.

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