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RE: IBC 2003 seismic design loads for site retaining walls -10/14 /04

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It is certainly confusing that a section that applies to "all
earth-retaining walls" (Section of ASCE 7-02) refers to a section
that only applies to SDC D, E & F (7.5.1). My interpretation is that the
intent is simply that dynamic lateral earth forces be determined by a
geotechnical engineer. It should not change what Category you design for. 

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	Subject: IBC 2003 seismic design loads for site retaining walls
	Question:  Need help understanding the IBC 2003 requirements for
determining the design loads for a site retaining wall not near a building
in Pennsylvania.  IBC Section 1614.1, exceptions allows for design based on
ASCE 7.  ASCE Section - Earth-Retaining Structures,
refers back to Section  This Section - Investigation, falls
under Seismic Design Categories D, E, & F.  We have determined that the
buildings we are designing elsewhere on the site are Seismic Design Category
C.  Are they referring to to define that investigation is needed,
not that we need to be Category D, E, or F?
	James E McNutt
	James E. McNutt
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