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RE: ASD vs LRFD: Say It Ain't So

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> Subject: Re: ASD vs LRFD: Say It Ain't So
> And to be fair, Charlie has warned people about this when he has talked
> about the "joint" ASD/LRFD spec.  He has stated MANY times that we should
> be careful what we wish for as we needed to keep in mind the ASD
> spec/method that we were used to using was last updated in 1989.

'Course I never could figure out what all the fuss was about anyway.

I "converted" to LRFD several years ago, found the "conversion" to be
painless and have never looked back.

Once you get used to the "philosophy" behind limit states for design--to
which you should have grown accustomed with Strength Design of
concrete--it's a no-brainer (and all here know me as a bear of very little

I think it's just the innate cantankerousness of structural engineers
regarding "change." "Those pointy-headed perfessers ain't a-gonna make ME
switch to no namby-pamby pinko-commie LRF'nD!!!"

While I sympathize with that attitude to some degree, I have to believe it
is self-defeating when taken to extremes (I often think fondly of my former
colleague, who graduated in the early 1950s and insisted that we all
calculate the "bond strength" of rebar so we could REALLY understand how it

The LRFD manuals have represented the incorporation of new knowledge
concerning steel behavior. To me, that was worth attempting to keep up with.

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