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RE: ASD vs LRFD: Say It Ain't So

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Outstanding Charlie!
When will the 5x8 cards be available?  My compliments on a brilliant idea.
Bob G.
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Subject: Re: ASD vs LRFD: Say It Ain't So

>A young friend of mine who is a grad student at a local University

>mentioned that one of his professors has stated that "AISC is

>going back to ASD and away from LRFD."

>I assume that he referred to the upcoming AISC Manual of Steel

>Construction which will, reportedly, have ASD side-by-side with

>LRFD in much the same way that the AISI CFS manual does.

>Or is there something in the works that I don't know about?


It ain't so.


ASD and LRFD have been combined into a single approach that is truly the best of both. Cliff Schwinger did an excellent job of explaining how it will work in the 2005 AISC Specification. I'll just add that the breadth of coverage currently found in LRFD will be extended to allow its use in ASD as well. And there is one set of equations no matter which method you choose (which really just means which set of ASCE 7 load combinations you choose). If you want more detailed information about this, read here:


I'd also like to whet your appetite for something we've been developing over the past few months as the specification has begun to gel. With a series of arbitrary limitations and simplifying assumptions, we have created two 5x8 cards that contain all design equations needed to cover typical applications. One card has all typical design equations needed for W-shapes, M, S and HSP shapes, and channels on one side and HSS and steel pipe on the other. The second card has all typical design equations for connections, including bolts, welds and connecting elements, on one side and analysis requirements on the other.


There is not a single equation on these cards that is longer than the front half of your thumb. Additionally these cards will be equally useful to the engineer who thinks in stress and the engineer who thinks in strength, regardless of whether you use ASD or LRFD.


One final thought, these cards will be made available for free download to AISC members through ePubs.




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