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Re: professional Practice

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Can it be that the "fresher" ones just have a better recollection of how it is where they just came from?  As a result, most of the newcomers (the critically thinking ones, at least) understand that you cannot make it better there by making it worse here.
Some may even have this feeling that it is simply impossible to make it better "there."  That's why they came to this country, right?  Otherwise, such move would be absolutely unbearable, first of all, from the psychological standpoint.   "Been there, done that."
By the way, the pledge you take during the citizenship ceremony is pretty "territorial."  Nothing wrong with that.  Good stuff.
Steve Gordin, SE 
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It?s kind of like when we build new condo projects in ?up and coming? neighborhoods...


The first wave of residents wants to be congratulated for helping ?gentrify? the ?hood.


The area gets better (safer and cleaner) and the property values increase?the neighborhood

Becomes desirable?


Then the second wave tries to move in?and guess who is the most vocal opponent to the new



The newly formed community group made up of ?first wave? residents.



I guess its simply human nature?once you?ve ?made it??you become territorial.






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Isn't it interesting that immigrants are the most vocal opponents of outsourcing? 


Gail Kelley



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I agree fully with you about your views on Professional fees. I will further suggest that we should all do something what ever we can within our resources to stop outsourcing of jobs from Canada and USA to other countries or otherwise we will all be out of jobs one day.

Hassan Lashari, B.E. , M.Eng., EIT