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RE: TI 809-04

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This is an part of the non-linear dynamic (aka pushover) procedure. Specifically you reference to an element of determining the target displacement. The TI 809-04 had the same parents as the FEMA 273 and its offspring FEMA 356. The best write-up is contained in the FEMA 356.

RE: FEMA 356, p 3-24, commentary paragraph on Coefficient C3.

I would also suggest that you read the commentary of FEMA 356, Sect. 3.2.1. If the structure warrants a pushover analysis, you should already have performed a dynamic analysis. I would suggest that you consider performing a nonlinear dynamic analysis. Tools such as SAP make the process much easier.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: TI 809-04
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 17:13:25 -0400

What is meant by "positive post-yield stiffness" as mentioned
in TI 809-04 section 5.4.f.2 (page 5-14)?
Thanks for any input!

Rainier Catubig
San Diego, California

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