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Re: professional Practice

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In a message dated 10/19/2004 1:23:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tom.skaggs(--nospam--at) writes:
I missed your sniping.  Welcome back.  There's nothing I'd rather discuss then the correct usage of English and which political party are bunch of fools.  What other off-topic debate can we start.
I'm open to suggestions.  How about corian versus granite for countertops?  No, that's been done before.
How about pre-finished wood floors versus on-site finishing? 
Actually, I read in a magazine article that pre-finished floors have an aluminum oxide coating.  I'm trying to figure out what that is - what I've seen on pre-finished flooring looks somewhat like polyurethane,  only not at all glossy.  I want to redo my floors - is there something less shiny than satin polyurethane?
I'm also still trying to figure out the political parties thing.  Am I allowed to be a Liberal Democrat if I support outsourcing?  Am I allowed to support outsourcing if I am a Liberal Democrat? 
Gail Kelley