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RE: ASTM For Headed Anchor Bolts

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This is not a problem. Sometimes it takes a 2x4 between the eyes to persuade someone to use headed anchor bolts.

The correct spec for all anchor bolts is ASTM F 1554. There are many tests that show that the hooked anchor bolts do not work reliably. The maximum length that you can get using an A 307 is about 8 inches. Longer headed bolts than 8" will be "hot headed". But hot heading is expensive for small quantities like anchor bolts.

The best way is to draw a detail with a rod threaded on each end with a nut on the anchored end with the threads mechanically deformed. They will take a punch and drive it into the threads at the nut interface to "lock" the nut to the bolt shaft to form the head. They can also use all-thread for the bolt shaft. It saves the threading process.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: ASTM For Headed Anchor Bolts
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 12:33:01 -0500

What is the correct ASTM for headed anchor bolts that are commonly
available.  I have been using A307.  Is that the right one for anchor
bolts?  Is this commonly available?  I'm trying to persuade some of my
contractor clients into using headed anchor bolts instead of the 'J'
bolts because the tension values are higher.  I have a job right now
where the 'J' bolts are "on the job" even though my details show headed
bolts and the contractor is telling me how difficult it is to get headed
bolts.  I would like to get headed bolts in the range of 12" to 16"
overall length if possible.



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