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RE: professional Practice

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Now I am confused, someone please set me straight... 
If businesses are buying their goods and services based upon the best value for their bottom line, aren't they just following good capitalistic principles?  Is someone trying to say there is something wrong with capitalism and/or open/free market societies?  Or is capitalism only good when you close the borders and limit your markets?  Should businesses cut their own throats to just do all their sourcing here in the USA?  Just curious, always in the market to learn something new...
Another question... is my new SAT analogy true or false?
Compassionate is to Conservative as...
Realistic is to Liberal...
Just my $0.02 coming from a VFW member-American* (*neither a jackass or an elephant).
Best Regards,
Scott C. Bernard, E.I.
Associate Consultant
Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. (Tampa)
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I missed your sniping.  Welcome back.  There's nothing I'd rather discuss then the correct usage of English and which political party are bunch of fools.  What other off-topic debate can we start.
I'm open to suggestions.  How about corian versus granite for countertops?  No, that's been done before.
How about pre-finished wood floors versus on-site finishing? 
Actually, I read in a magazine article that pre-finished floors have an aluminum oxide coating.  I'm trying to figure out what that is - what I've seen on pre-finished flooring looks somewhat like polyurethane,  only not at all glossy.  I want to redo my floors - is there something less shiny than satin polyurethane?
I'm also still trying to figure out the political parties thing.  Am I allowed to be a Liberal Democrat if I support outsourcing?  Am I allowed to support outsourcing if I am a Liberal Democrat? 
Gail Kelley