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Mathcad support problem

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I recently asked if anyone had a problem regarding activation of their Mathcad software. It requires a folder called c_dilla to be added to your hard drive for the Activation software which is made by Macrovision and is called Safecast.


I e-mailed them with the software I was running and I wanted to pass on the response I got from them. BTW, the Spysweeper software that they mention has been on my machine for some time. Mathcad worked with it. When I upgraded to a later version of Spysweeper I accidentally deleted the c_dilla files which came up as Spyware. Realizing that this was the problem, I uninstalled then reinstalled Mathcad and found that Spysweeper caught the c_dilla files again. This time I set Spysweeper to always allow this activation software. Not that that is resolved I still can’t get the software activated and wanted to pass on this reply for those of you considering upgrading to Mathcad 11 or 12. Unfortunately, I let Mathsoft know what software I had running and they picked up on the Spysweeper immediately;


Dear Mr. Wish,


Unfortunately, the Spysweeper is the problem:  We and Macrovision (the makers of the activation software) have found no way to reverse the damage that Spysweeper does that prevents future activation.  I recommend contacting Spysweeper and asking them to address the problem they caused.


Angel C. Neuerman
Mathcad Activation

Activation representatives are available M-F 8:30-5:30 EST.

It appears that I have to install the software on another machine or simply not use it. Spysweeper has kept my computers clean for a long time – and since I am always on the Internet, it is an important piece of software to me. I think Mathcad could have provided a bit more help rather than to toss me off this way. BTW, I think the problem was caused by Mathsoft choosing protection software that uses programs commonly considered Spyware. So how do I get my money back from Mathcad????


Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



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