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Hoping this isn't engineer urban legend or snipe hunting...

I've was told (by a reliable source) that an engineer once placed a section in the roofing spec that the decking "shall be covered by shiny new dimes at 12" o/c EW." It was put in with the engineer fully knowing that the likely contractor never read his specs, which had resulted in some past screw-ups. The contract was signed with the provision never brought up by the low bidder (the expected contractor). I believe (not 100% sure here) that the contractor eventually found it and asked about it at a meeting, where it was determined that it was in the contract and he would have to submit a change order if he didn't want to comply. The supposed change order was "required" to include at least a $10,000 deduct, as the roofing system was just over 100,000sf.

Jordan Truesdell, PE

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