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RE: Minimum steel in slabs on ground

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"As has been cited before, SOG's are not technically structural concrete and are not REQUIRED to be in compliance with ACI 318."

The exception to this would be if the SOG is being used to distribute or resist forces.  On a few occassions I have used the SOG to link adjacent footings for sliding resistance, for example.  

"I do not use fibers with the exception of bran fiber in my cereal in the 

I have had a lot of success with fiber in cases where modest cracking is expected and acceptable, and where ample jointing will be used.  Basement parking on decent soil under an apartment building is one example of a place where it might work.  In cases where appearance is more critical or loading is heavier, I would not rely on fiber.  I suspect fiber has gotten a black eye by being oversold and credited with properties it does not have.  When used in the right applications with realistic goals, I haven't seen too many problems.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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