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Yesterday's digest list was one of the most entertaining, useless reads in a long time. Like an issue of Maxim/Stuff but with no pictures of women. So I will add to the uselessness (delete now or forever hold your peace).
Speaking of women, I did miss Gail on the list, seriously. I just imagine her in Montana/Wyoming this summer sitting on the front porch of a cabin on a mountain stream, reading books on concrete repair and home improvement magazines, criticizing her husband's fly fishing ability and how he should know better then to chop wood parallel to grain. Even though your posts sometimes seem way out of left field and rub me the wrong way, I enjoy them as much as any.
On immigration, we will always have it and this is how we all got here unless your last name is "Runs with Deer". This country and its history was shaped in many positive ways by immigrants, from the Chinese who built our railroads to the post WWII Germans who jump-started our rocket and jet aircraft research and industry. Just accept it and move on to a productive discussion on the issue, perhaps: who we let in, for how long, for what purposes, etc. My wife who is a LEGAL immigrant who did not even want to leave her homeland, is most critical of immigrants/foreigners (her friends often) who are not legal or who do not take advantage of their opportunity here. She gets PO'd because she is doing everything by the book while many circumvent the system. And a legal immigrant to this country making a good living probably doesn't want his job going overseas to his cousin where he makes 1/10th of that. There was a great "The Onion" headline to the effect of, "Immigrant Jose Gonzalez loses job to father in Mexico."
On plan and spec faux pas, besides "masonary" and the like, many of our contractors in the South are straight up red necks (not PC and a stereotype, sorry). And I don't mean of the formally educated variety. You should see the handwriting and spelling on RFIs. Constant source of entertainment for cocky, smug engineers in our office. Real grammar question, do you put apostrophes after items such as, "(3)  #5's " ?? I say no, because you do not need an apostrophe to make something plural, it is used for either a contraction or showing possession.
Finally, noobody on this list has perfect grammar, so why don't we ease up. Many of the listees are on their second or third languages. We are typing quick emails to a list, not legal documents or textbooks. It shows a sign of weakness in a discussion/argument to pick on somebody's grammar, personally attack them, etc. To me these are equivalents of giving someone the hand and saying "whatever".
Have a great hump day!
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL