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Follow up on Mathcad and Spyware.

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The response I received from Mathsoft’s Activation group that I posted on the list was wrong. I had a good idea as what to do, and rather than attempt to work with me to find a solution simply blew me off by telling me that it was Webroot Software’s problem.


Truth be said, I uninstalled Mathcad, turned off Webroot Spy Sweeper and gave the Mathsoft website full access through my firewall (Zone Alarm Suite). I rebooted and then (without the Spy Sweeper) reinstalled Mathcad. It works. Spy Sweeper can be turned on and the c_dilla directory made a Spyware that Spy Sweeper will keep.


My complaint is that most of us would agree to uninstall a software and then close down anything that might interfere with its installation. Knowing that c_dilla directory was the target, I knew that the conflict was with my Spyware software and I simply closed it down. Now why didn’t Mathsoft’s Activation support suggest this very basic step. Instead they pushed it off on another software company who would most likely tell you that the Spyware was the problem. The truth is that this is Spyware and it is included with Mathcad – something I find unnecessary and insulting.


I think I’ll stick with Excel and TEDDS. At least I know how to transfer TEDDS from one machine to the next. They don’t require the use of Spyware to protect their software.




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