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RE: Re: Minimum steel in slabs on ground==>>FRC is a great invention/discovery of the 20th Century!!

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I think you're being a little bit unfair to the learned professors, especially to those who have contributions
towards research on "fiber-reinforced concrete".
From my own study and use, I know their works have greatly advanced the use of fibers in concrete and solved
lots of problems here and there.
And, in my opinion: fiber-reinforced concrete is a great new dimension in concrete (a great invention/discovery of the 20th Century)
which has offered numerous merits when it comes to crack-arrest, inhibiting crack-propagation and enhancing the tensile capacity.
Its use has also returned assured dividends, specially in mass concrete.
Finally, I wonder what experience you've vis-a-vis the use of fiber-reinforced concrete, however it appears you've little or none.
And, I know for sure this doesn't qualify you to pass judgements (on the years and years of works of a professor) as you're now doing.
Best regards all.
Syed Faiz Ahmad; MEngg, MASCE
Senior Structural Engineer
Saudi Oger Ltd
P.O. Box: 1449
Saudi Arabia
Cell: +966-508-169304
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I have not used fiber reinforcement before.  However I am curious, if fiber
reinforced slabs are such crap, why are so many professors so excited about
fiber reinforcing?
That is an excellent question.  And an even better question is why no one else has asked it yet. 
The professors are excited because by being excited,  they will get research funding. 
If you look at the ACI Structural Journal,  between 60 and 82% of the articles in any issue will  be some new  aspect of fibers or fiber reinforced plastic.  I.e. the stuff you dump in the concrete or the stuff you glue on the concrete. 
Just the title alone lets you know you are in for excitement: 
The Effects of Fibers in Short Beams loaded in Shear on Tuesdays
Designing Fiber-Reinforced Slabs on Ground with Fracture Mechanics and a Kitchenaid Blender
Not to mention those that make multiple uses of the words "high performance" and "innovative" in their title:
Innovative High Performance Uses of Innovative Fibers in High-Performance Concrete
If you want more excitement than you can stand, attend the ACI 544 (Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Committee meeting.  Your professor will probably be there.
There tends to be a little bit of a disconnect with the fiber sales force,  since those tend to be construction management majors and shoe salesmen  (whose understanding of engineering principles is exactly the same)  but that just adds to the fun.
Gail Kelley