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RE: Pouring Concrete==>>please STOP demeaning ACI!!

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Leave Gail to criticize.  It is refreshing to hear some-
one criticize these codes and standards.  They are writ-
ten by volunteers and committees and, despite the best of
intentions, a lot of errors and commissions occur.  If ACI
is her favourite target, then we need someone to pick on
some of the other code organizations.  I believe ACI is
big enough to withstand some criticism graciously.
Gary Hodgson

On 21 Oct 2004 at 11:51, Syed Faiz wrote:

> Gail:
> One humble request to you: Please STOP demeaning ACI.
> In my opinion, ACI is a great Institution; widely respected through
> out the globe.
> When you resort to CRITICISM alone, I believe you are being a
> And, If you want to know who a REACTIONARY really is (not a dictionary
> meaning alone) go read Mao Tze Dung's Red Book.
> Best regards all.
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> The origins of the pouring versus placing controversy appear to be
> lost in history.  Or else the responsible parties do not want to take
> credit.  My understanding (from potentially reliable sources)  is that
> it was an ACI thing,  and that certain individuals felt that the term
> "pour" implied that concrete was a liquid.  "Place"  was felt to
> create better imagery.  
> And on a previous note,  with respect to criticizing ACI,  it would be
> much more useful if one did it when they actually ASKED for it,  i.e.
> when they put documents out for review.  I believe Scott has done a
> good job of keeping us informed as to when such documents are
> available on the ACI web site.
> I will note that one of my comments on the ACI 301 draft document was
> why it included references to slabs-on-ground when the title of the
> document was "Structural Concrete" and this seems to conflict with ACI
> 318.  Personally,  I don't really care, but this was discussed for
> half an hour in a litigation I was involved in,  and to my mind such
> discussions are a complete waste of time and money.  Although I made
> money off it.
> I had about twelve pages of comments on the draft 301 document but it
> was more or less the same three comments:  "Sentence is grammatically
> incorrect".  "Sentence is poorly worded."  "Sentence makes no sense." 
> Although sometimes I mixed them up a little and said "Sentence is
> poorly worded AND grammatically incorrect."  Because my personal
> opinion is that it is an extremely poorly written document.
> And this is a pretty neat web site for those who would rather discuss
> the correct usage of English than anything else.
> It talks about things like "a lot" and "a little" and "then" and
> "than".
> Gail Kelley

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