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RE: Pouring Concrete==>>please STOP demeaning ACI!!

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> ...  It is refreshing to hear someone criticize
>these codes and standards.  They are written by
>volunteers and committees and, despite the best of
>intentions, a lot of errors and omissions occur.
>If ACI is her favorite target, then we need someone
>to pick on some of the other code organizations.
>I believe ACI is big enough to withstand some
>criticism graciously.

I personally welcome constructive suggestions and positive
contributions. I presume in saying this that such items are offered in
good faith with an intent that is as genuine as the efforts of those who
helped to create the things that the commenter is criticizing.
Furthermore, I find that the most successful commenters are those who
maintain humility in offering their opinions (which may or may not be
correct). The least successful are those who offer their opinions as
self-evident truths.


P.S. I seem to remember that pouring vs. placing is a part of the life's
work of one of the big names in concrete design and construction. It's
kind of like Omer Blodgett's long-fought battle to convince people to
stop using the term rathole. He prefers weld access hole, primarily
because the term rathole seems like such a negative connotation. Maybe
Scott Maxwell knows the person I'm thinking of by name, but I can't

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