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Connection with HSS section

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I am designing a connection between a HSS beam and a HSS column using weld plates at the top and bottom of the beam and a shear plate ea. side of the beam.  I would rather directly weld the members but I think the members will be assembled in the field.  Maybe not, but it really doesn’t have anything to do with my questions.


I have copies of both the Hollow Structural Sections Connections Manual and the Third Edition of the AISC LRFD manual. I am pretty sure that the design for the concentrated forces to the HSS column due to the tension and compression weld plates (it is a moment connection) should be designed by the LRFD manual since it is newer (I am seeing a difference in the requirements for the yielding of the HSS face between the two publications).  Am I wrong?


My next question is this:   in section 8.1(b)ii (page 16.2-11) the plate width, b1, is supposed to be greater than .85B but less than B-2t.  If the plate is wider than B-2t do you use the equations in section 8.1(b)i, which is used when the force is distributed across the full width of the rectangular HSS?


Both these questions have to do with a plate transversely positioned on the face of the HSS section.  By the way, the difference that I am seeing is in the HSS Connections manual page 5-11 the criteria seems to be that the plate width needs to be greater than .95(B-3t) but less than B.



Joe Grill


Joseph R. Grill, P.E. (Structural)