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RE: TEDDS - Maintenance & Update (M&U) contact

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Thank you for correcting me on the merger of the two companies. I understand
the shipping costs as well. I am forwarding a copy of this to the SEAINT
List so that others will understand the relationship between the two
companies and help to correct my comments previously.

As we discussed previously, my M&U "renewal" will be forthcoming and
hopefully those of us who have fallen through the cracks regarding renewal
notifications can do so as well.

My best regards,

Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



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Hi Dennis.

We charge the $40.00 shipping & handling fee to send the update package
overnight via FedEx.  If you would prefer that we mail the package no
shipping will be charged.

When updates are sent to customers with active M&U service no shipping is
charged because all updates are sent via mail rather than FedEx overnight.

Please note that SOFTEK Services Ltd. was not contracted by CSC to provide
technical support and sales services to TEDDS North American customers.  In
May of 2003 CSC and SOFTEK Services Ltd. merged operations in North America
in order to provide a more proactive support infrastructure for our existing
and potential clients. This change included new, dedicated support staff and
the introduction of web based support services that allow us to provide
interactive training and support using the Internet.  CSC and SOFTEK
Services Ltd. are long time business partners.


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