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Re: Pocket PC

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Keith -

> Could anyone chime in on the following; a) should he purchase a unit with
> bt/wi-fi capability?,

I bought an iPAQ 5555 which has both bt & WiFi built in. I haven't yet used the bt. However, I have successfully used the WiFi in several locations (universities, coffee houses, etc) to check mail, look up maps, etc while on the road.

> b) does anyone have experience checking email while
> mobile with pocketpc device?  don't you need a modem card that will interface
> with your cell phone, or does the wi-fi have a built in modem?

There are several cell phones that are bluetooth compatible, so the bt
option on your ppc could help with that, assuming you have a compatible cell
and that the cell service permits it. I've never tried this, as I mentioned before. However, a friend of mine swears by it. I'll see what he has to say about it.

> c) we are
> currently looking at the dell axim x5/x30.  My comment was that the X30 has
> built-in bt/wi-fi but not a cf card slot.  The X5 has built-in cf card slot
> but not the bt/wi-fi.

If I had to choose between an expansion slot and the
connectivity options, I'd take the CF slot.  You can buy CF
cards that include modems, bt, wifi, etc.  On the other hand, if the
axims have the option for an expansion system (akin to the iPAQ
expansion card system that offers CF, PCMCIA, etc options), then
maybe the built-in communications abilities are preferable.


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