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Thanks for the reply.  It wasn't confusing at all.  Does your hp4705 have a built in modem for checking pop3 email without having to go through your cell phone?  Or have modems gone by the way side.  I did see some cf card-modem accessories that can be purchased.  Our cell phones are nextel.  None of our phones are bt enabled.
We are interested in the cf card for gps capability.  What other interesting devices come to mind for the cf card slot?
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I would definitely get the ones with BT and WiFi.
I recently just got a HP4705, with BT and WiFi.  It's wonderful.  We have WiFi in our office, and I have it set up at home.  The internet browser (Pocket Internet Explorer) is pretty good, functions pretty much like a normal web browser.  With the VGA screen on this device, it's very enjoyable to browse the web.  I was able to use the PIE to log on to the web access of our Exchange Server (a secure web site), and from there you get the same information as if you are on your desktop Outlook.  If you have Exchange Server 2003 (which we don't), there is a ActiveSync module which you can add to the server and sync the pockpc with the server directly, via WiFi of course.  You don't really need a docking station anymore.  You can also setup POP mails etc from the Pocket Outlook.  I can browse, copy and open any files (PDF, Word, Excel etc.) on our servers  from the PPC via WiFi in our office.  I even tried Terminal Service Client, via WiFi, to take control of my laptop.  It's not bad.  Of course the entertainment value is huge too, I can stream MP3, video files etc from the laptop / desktop to PPC.  The built-in windows media player is not too bad.  Outside home and offices, of course WiFi is useless unless you are near a hotspot, which is abundant these days (depend on your location, and you might have to pay).  Basically I wouldn't want a PPC if it doesn't have WiFi.
Bluetooth is somewhat less useful to me at this point.  The only other BT device I have is my cell phone.  AT&T blocks analog data access for GSM cell phone services (I won't get into that here).  But basically if I'm on Cingular or other services that allows this, I can send and receive fax via cell phone from PPC, and the link between the cell phone and PPC is of course BT.  You can also connect to your cell phone via BT, and use it to call your local ISP, like a dial-up connection, again AT&T block this.  However I can at least use the wireless data service AT&T provides, which costs a lot (and that's what they really want you to do), to access internet on PPC in a pinch.  Just about the only thing I can do right now using BT is to synch contacts between my phone and my PPC, and make calls using my cell phone (with headset), but dialing numbers directly from the contact info in PPC.  Some of the newer laptops today have built-in BT, thus another wireless way to sync your PPC.  HP is coming out with a BT headphone.  There are other future potentials also, like BT keyboard, BT printer (which HP makes a couple I think).  By the way, you don't need anything to do all these, as long as you have a BT enabled cell phone (or other devices).  Of course the cool factor in all these is that as long as you are within 30' or so from these devices, you are connected, and don't need a line of sight neither.
As far as getting the one of those Axims, I'm not sure if you can still get a X5.  You might want to consider the X30, with bluetooth and WiFi, and a newer OS than X5, for about $250.  You also get a better form factor.   The only reason I would not want to consider the X30 is the screen.  Once you've seen a VGA (640x480) display and a QVGA (320x240) side by side on a PDA, you will know what I'm talking about (think spreadsheets).   The only Axim model that has VGA screen is the X50v.   For the X30, since it has built-in BT and WiFi, the CF slot is somewhat less important.  If you need additional storage space, use SD slot should be fine.  I just got a 1GB SD card for less than $70.  1GB holds a lot of stuff (the whole simpson connector catalog PDF is only 15 meg).  There are bigger SD cards available.  Now that the SD slot is taken for extra storage, the only reason you would want the CF slot is for things like a GPS receiver, which I personally don't really care about.  There are a lot of other interesting devices you can plug in the CF slot, that depends on your professional and personal interests I guess.
Sorry for the long reply, I just had my Pocket PC for a couple of weeks, and am still excited about it.  I hope this won't confuse you even more.
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