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I think you can still purchase an Axim X3i which does not have Bluetooth but have WiFi and a SDIMM card slot. The X30 might not have the card – I have not checked into this but thought it did. The difference other than Bluetooth is that the X30 has the Pocket PC 2003 upgrade that allows the user to rotate the screen into landscape view. Dell has no plans to offer an upgrade on the X3i because it does not have Bluetooth. You can not rotate the screen without purchasing software such as Nydots software that will rotate the screen on any Pocket PC.


I use my WiFi to access my computers when at home, in hotel rooms to access the Internet and at other companies when downloading files or coordinating over a wireless network.


I think I would go with the HP if the features are comparable as the Customer Care with Dell for services are poor. The product is good, but I have already used my extended warranty to replace the unit. It’s just that Customer Care sent it to the wrong place while I was on vacation and I needed my Axim with me for a number of uses.




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One of my employees is entering the pocket pc world.  I have an hp ipaq 3955.  I love it.  His buying hang-up is that he's having trouble deciding if he should shell out the bucks for bt/wi-fi. I setup a wireless network at home for my wife who works out of the house.  I personally don't feel I need the wireless access and don't use it.


Could anyone chime in on the following; a) should he purchase a unit with bt/wi-fi capability?, b) does anyone have experience checking email while mobile with pocketpc device?  don't you need a modem card that will interface with your cell phone, or does the wi-fi have a built in modem? c) we are currently looking at the dell axim x5/x30.  My comment was that the X30 has built-in bt/wi-fi but not a cf card slot.  The X5 has built-in cf card slot but not the bt/wi-fi.


Thanks in advance for your comments.


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