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Re: Pocket PC

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Keith -

There are serial device connection CF cards, so you can add
a mouse, data acquisition, modem, printer type devices to
your PPC, assuming your software knows how to handle them.

You can get wired and wireless modem cards for the CF slot.

You can also get VGA and SVGA cards that you can use to
plug into monitors or projectors.  If you couple the latter
with a program called PocketSlides, you can make client
presentations with nothing more than a handheld and a portable
LCD projector.  This can be a *very* convenient way to travel
if you do lots of "on the road" presentations.

Also, the ability to plug into a random monitor can allow
you to display and edit drawings (using something like PocketCAD)
that come along on your PPC without having to fiddle
around with connectivity and drawings on someone else's PC.

Just a couple of thoughts.


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