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Re: Deflection of Steel Beams carrying Brick

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On 21 Oct 2004 at 11:15, Randy Diviney wrote:

> My question is in regards to deflection of steel beams.  Normally, our
> exterior walls consist of 4" brick, an insulated cavity and 8" CMU. At
> the framed floors, the 8" CMU sits on the concrete slab which is
> supported be a steel beam spanning column to column. The brick sits on
> a brick relief or shelf angle attached to the steel beam. ACI
> 503-1.10.1 specifies the deflection of beams giving support to masonry
> be designed for L/600 or .3" maximum.  Is this criteria for any type
> beam supporting masonry? If I design my exterior beams for a maximum
> deflection of .3", they get quite large. Should I be designing for the
> L/600 or .3", or am I missing something? 


The 0.3" comes from the width of masonry joint, i.e., 3/8".  However, 
if the difference is 0.3", there is not much space left for the 
compressible filler or caulking.  Therefore, some recommend using a 
recessed or lipped brick to allow the angle to be hidden within the 
depth of the masonry unit.


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