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Hmmm, I missed that message (Aswin, Msg49).

I'm sure that, given a need for your services, this would be a good place to request help. If you keep tabs on the list, you'll likely find someone you can help. As was mentioned after your last two unsolicited advertisements, we welcome your active participation.

As for the "offshore" portion, I doubt that there would be too much outcry.  Your branch of SE is fairly rarified, whereas local talent is generally available for more mudane positions.   Saving a few bucks on outsourced labor is a far touchier subject than hiring an expert consultant for a specific project.

And, finally, for calling LA a paradise  - you are truly a twisted individual ;-)  (I'm assuming you mean Los Angeles, not Louisiana)

At 06:40 PM 10/22/2004 -0700, you wrote:
In response to Aswin, Msg 49 of yesterday:
Thank you for your comments on the subject.
If I have violated your rules, mea culpa.
This is a somewhat exotic area of structural analysis.
There are very few competent people, on relative basis,
but there are also few assignments.
Would engaging an Australian resident in a project
with such a component be "outsourcing to a foreign
land"? Perhaps, in a small way.
The case becomes even more marginal in that said
Australian resident is also a US citizen, who pays hefty
taxes to the US gvmt,
in spite of not living in LA paradise any more...
Sincerely, Gregory

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