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RE: wood framing - commercial structures

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2x6 sounds right to me.  I've done several four-story wood structures (apartments and dorms) and needed 2x6 for my first- and second-floor load bearing walls.  This was using the exterior walls and the interior corridor walls as bearing (typical central corridor with units on each side).  The one place an architect really painted me into a corner and stuck me with 2x4's I think I ended up with 2x4's at 6" or 8" O.C.
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Subject: wood framing - commercial structures

3 – the contractor and owner want 2x4 stud walls all around. Our walls (load bearing) are currently 2x6 stud walls for the first two levels, and 2x4 for the top two. This was decided from Table 2308.9.1 from IBC 2000.  Is there something I’m missing here, or am I correct in saying we need 2x6 walls to support 3 floors and a roof?