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Gary hodgson wrote:
"Andrew, I agree with you that proper grammar isn't critical in list 
discussions and I also agree with the need to cut non-native english 
speakers some slack.  

On the other hand, based on the frequency with which I encounter poor 
grammar incorporated into technical documents, reports, and other 
communications, I often wonder if lazy writing in one format carries 
over into another.  Seeing the number of list members who don't know 
the difference between there/their/they're makes me wonder how many 
of them have made the same mistake on their drawings, specifications, 
etc.  I believe people should try to write clearly and correctly no 
matter what medium is being used, if only to encourage good writing 

Well spoken, Gary, on both points.  I have a lot of respect for
non-native English speakers who participate on this list.  My college
transcripts assure me I speak Spanish, but I wouldn't try it at this

It's not hard to tell the ESL (English as a Second Language) writers
from the TLT (too lazy to try) crowd.  They're asking maybe 15,000
engineers to take the time to offer their opinions and advice.  If they
can't take the time to capitalize, punctuate, and write understandably,
my hope is they get what they paid for.  The medium does not set the
standard; the writer does.

Mike Hemstad, P.E.

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