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RE: supporting masonry

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>Is there some reference that gives a list of the

>applications where cambering is not recommended?


Yes, There is a great paper by Dave Ricker in the 4th Quarter 1989 AISC Engineering Journal. It was just featured in the newe classic EJ series in modern Steel Construction here:


The applicable list is pasted in below. The full paper is available to AISC members for free download at





Members that Lend Themselves to Cambering:

Filler beams, girder beams, composite floor beams, and members with uniform cross section.


Members that Do Not Lend Themselves to Cambering:

Crane beams or crane girders, spandrel beams, especially those supporting facia materials, beams with single or double cantilevers, beams braced with knee braces, beams with full moment connections or significant semi-rigid moment connections, beams with welded cover plates, especially if the cover plate does not extend full length, members of non-uniform cross section, beams with significant non-symmetrical loading, short beams—less than 20’ in length, shallow beams—wide-flange shapes less than nominal 14” depth and standard beams less than 12” depth, beams subject to significant torsion loads, and beams which would require less than 1” of camber.  (Small camber requirements can often be satisfied by natural mill camber.)