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Infilled brick pannels

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Bhavin Shah <vmscons(--nospam--at)> wrote:

"For resisting lateral loads in the Framed Structures are you 
considering the effects of infilled brick panels. If you are 
considering the effects of the same then kindly share your experience 
regarding the following points :

1. Modelling with the Plate elements or diagonal vertical bracing

2. What would be the properties of the bracing, if it is modelled as a 

3. Modulus of elasticity for the brick wall

4. What are the cares to be taken in construction sequence so that 
adequate bond between beam-column & infilled brick wall is created for 
transfering of the lateral loads.

5. Minimum thickness of the brick wall, for considering the same as 
infilled brick panels.

6. Other points, if any.


Bhavin Shah, M.E. Structures
Design Engineer
VMS EDS, India.

The best, and only, reference I've ever seen for this subject is the
book "Tall Building Structures" by Bryan Stafford-Smith and Alex Coull,
published by Wiley in 1991.  ISBN 0-471-51237-0.  They devote an entire
chapter to the subject, with design equations and everything.  Might be
just what you're looking for.

As far as our experience, no, we do not consider it.  Quite the
opposite, we take pains to keep the infill separated from the steel
sufficiently that it does not act to stiffen the frame.  For severe wind
loading, this avoids difficult-to-repair damage to the brick; for
seismic design, the relatively brittle infill would stiffen the frame
enough to gather huge forces, then explode.

I could see properly reinforced concrete infill being suitable to
stiffen panels, but then we would just make the whole building out of

Mike Hemstad, P.E.
St. Paul, Minnesota

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