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RE: Pocket PC

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Most of the Pocket PC devices don't have any built-in modem.  You will have to get an external expansion device for that, which can be plugged into the CF slot or the maybe even the SD slot (there are more and more SD slot devices that do the same thing as those CF devices now).  I check my POP mail via the built-in WiFi, either at home, office, or near a WiFi hotspot.  I think the traditional dial-up modem is becoming less and less used, but I wouldn't totally dismiss it depending on your travel patterns.
Other usage of CF slot, could be a camera, a LAN adapter that you can plug directly into your network, a video output device that can connect to a TV or projector or other monitors.  You can plug in a GPRS/GSM device and use it a s a cell phone, there are also bar code scanners, and all sorts of data collectors I imagine. 
As I mentioned earlier, many of these expansion devices are likely availabe for both interfaces.  The advantage of SD slot of course is it's size.  Pocket PCs without a CF slot usually are smaller.
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Thanks for the reply.  It wasn't confusing at all.  Does your hp4705 have a built in modem for checking pop3 email without having to go through your cell phone?  Or have modems gone by the way side.  I did see some cf card-modem accessories that can be purchased.  Our cell phones are nextel.  None of our phones are bt enabled.
We are interested in the cf card for gps capability.  What other interesting devices come to mind for the cf card slot?
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