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Re: Pocket PC

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One of my employees is entering the pocket pc world.  I have an hp ipaq 3955.  I love it.  His buying hang-up is that he's having trouble deciding if he should shell out the bucks for bt/wi-fi. I setup a wireless network at home for my wife who works out of the house.  I personally don't feel I need the wireless access and don't use it.

Could anyone chime in on the following; a) should he purchase a unit with bt/wi-fi capability?, b) does anyone have experience checking email while mobile with pocketpc device?  don't you need a modem card that will interface with your cell phone



Your cell phone acts as a modem while dialing up your ISP from your PDA (or laptop). Only requirement is that both your PDA (or laptop) and cell phone must be bluetooth enabled.



, or does the wi-fi have a built in modem?


Wi-fi needs a nearby access point (at home, hotel, or coffee shops where they provide free or paid access, for example Starbucks).


Bluetooth is useful if there is no nearby Wi-fi access point, from example in a job site. If you have an ISP account, you can dial-up from your PDA via cell phone. Your cell phone could be your pocket or bag while connected. Once in a while, I dial-up my ISP from my laptop using my cell phone (T-mobile) to check or send emails while away from home. Understandbly, the connection is slow.


Suresh Acharya, S.E.

Richmond, CA