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RE: [SPAM] - Re: Pouring Concrete==>>please STOP demeaning ACI!!

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<<Here in America we have something called free speach.>> 
I never heard of this word <<speach>> before; what on earth does this mean?
However, I guess you mean SPEECH, isn't it?
In that case let me remind you: there is also something called ETHICS in America.
What you're doing is NOT free speech; its exploitation with some agenda.
Also, FREE SPEECH is the easiest thing to do (a favorite pastime of a reactionary); it doesn't COST
you anything for its for FREE!!
In my opinion you're in BREACH of ethics when you slander about ACI in public forums, like this.
Also, as already been suggested to you before (long time ago by some one on this list) it would be prudent
to write to ACI directly about it so they can either issue errata or correct them in the future issues.
However, in my opinion when you're in the look out for mistakes vis-a-vis spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc.,
you're sort of indulging in nit-picking only.  
And, my advice to you is to spend your time in the critical evaluation of the SUBSTANCE and present them to the list
with HUMILITY (rather than otherwise) as rightly suggested by Charlie.
Best regards all.
Syed Faiz Ahmad; MEngg, MASCE
Senior Structural Engineer
Saudi Oger Ltd
P.O. Box: 1449
Saudi Arabia
Cell: +966-508-169304
P.S: You're calling Chairman Mao an idiot which is very cruel thing to do. In my humble opinion, he was a great leader revered
       not only by the Chinese alone but the leaders and common man of the world at large. I think he was more visionary
       than many that we have endured listening to and watching helplessly in recent years.  
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Here in America we have something called free speach.  Although idiots all through history have tried to suppress it.
I do however appologize to all the shoe salesmen who have written to complain that I  insulted them by lumping them with construction management majors.
Gail Kelley
In a message dated 10/21/2004 4:52:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, sfaiz(--nospam--at) writes:
One humble request to you: Please STOP demeaning ACI.
In my opinion, ACI is a great Institution; widely respected through out the globe.
When you resort to CRITICISM alone, I believe you are being a REACTIONARY.