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Re: [SPAM] - Re: Pouring Concrete==>>please STOP demeaning ACI!!

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In a message dated 10/23/2004 4:31:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time, sfaiz(--nospam--at) writes:
<<Here in America we have something called free speach.>> 
I never heard of this word <<speach>> before; what on earth does this mean?
Answer:  I just wanted to  make sure someone other than the shoe salesmen (and women) was reading. 
In that case let me remind you: there is also something called ETHICS in America.
Answer: Thanks for the reminder. 
What you're doing is NOT free speech; its exploitation with some agenda.
Answer:  And what is my agenda?  I want to outsource this work? 
Also, FREE SPEECH is the easiest thing to do (a favorite pastime of a reactionary); it doesn't COST you anything for its for FREE!!
Answer:  Yes, you're right.  "It doesn't cost anything"  is a handy definition of "free."
In my opinion you're in BREACH of ethics when you slander about ACI in public forums, like this.
Answer:  There are some grammatical errors in this sentence that you might want to work on.  Neither "you're in BREACH"  or "slander about"  are correct.
Also, as already been suggested to you before (long time ago by some one on this list) it would be prudent to write to ACI directly about it so they can either issue errata or correct them in the future issues.
Answer:  Oops,  some more grammatical errors.  Several, in fact.  Including "as already been suggested."   
Also,  when you say  "directly about it",  the pronoun "it" needs an antecedent.  Similarly,  the  pronoun "them"  in "correct them" needs an antecedent.  As the sentence is currently written,  you want ACI to be able to correct their errata.  But you're right -- this is nit picking.  And if someone has nothing better to do than be in the look out for mistakes, well then, they obviously have nothing better to do.
However, in my opinion when you're in the look out for mistakes vis-a-vis spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc., you're sort of indulging in nit-picking only.  
Answer:  I honestly cannot ever remember pointing out a mistake in spelling, on this list or elsewhere, in my entire life.  Refresh my memory.  When was it?  Can we teach that person how to use spell-check?
And, my advice to you is to spend your time in the critical evaluation of the SUBSTANCE and present them to the list with HUMILITY (rather than otherwise) as rightly suggested by Charlie.
Answer:  I was very impressed by the humility you showed in your statement, quoted below.  I seldom come across people so sure of their opinions.  Although Ronald Reagan comes to mind.
"And, I know for sure this doesn't qualify you to pass judgements (on the years and years of works of a professor) as you're now doing."
Do you have any other advice?  Also, what is a judgement?  Do you mean judgment?
P.S: You're calling Chairman Mao an idiot which is very cruel thing to do. In my humble opinion, he was a great leader revered
Answer:  No,  Chairman Mao was not the one being called an idiot.
And just in case anyone is still reading,  this was my original statement:
"And on a previous note,  with respect to criticizing ACI,  it would be much more useful if one did it when they actually ASKED for it,  i.e. when they put documents out for review.  I believe Scott has done a good job of keeping us informed as to when such documents are available on the ACI web site."
Note:  the pronoun "they"  refers to ACI.
I did in fact submit my twelve pages of comments on ACI 301 to ACI.  I tried several other publications, including National Geographic and the New York Times,  but none of them were interested in publishing my comments on ACI documents.
I also sent in comments on the draft ACI 332 document and the changes in ACI 318.  I am, several times a year, asked to review articles submitted to ACI publications.  And I have written several articles for ACI publications.
Mr. Faiz,  what exactly has been your contribution to ACI,  other than posting e-mails with a lot of capitalized words to this list?
Gail Kelley