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Re: Masonry remodel question - changing shear walls

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How about over-cutting the opening by about 8" on the sides, a few inches more at the top.  You can then extend dowels into the remaining wall embedded in epoxy adhesive adjacent to the cut reinforcing.  The dowels may have hooks to be embedded in new grouted jamb masonry constructed with 8" lintel blocks.  Jamb bars and lintel bars may be set into the hooks before grouting the jambs.  The jamb and lintel reinforcing may be lapped with epoxy-adhesive embedded dowels that extend into the corners beyond the cut.  The jamb bars may be lapped with dowels extending up from a new concrete footing pad under the existing footing under each jamb.  You can probably design all of the holddown capacity you need into this system. 
The lintel will need to be constructed on centering [shoring], with enough gap between the tops of the lintel blocks and the horizontal top cut to allow for grout placement.  The gap can be filled with non-shrink grout, such as that as manufactured by CTS.
Done this way, you won't need channels or angles at the perimeters of the openings.
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA
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Subject: Masonry remodel question - changing shear walls

I may be doing a remodel on an existing masonry (CMU) building where the wall with the highest shear will have two large openings cut into it. I will be left with sufficient wall that I think may work with the steel it already has. However, if I use the remaining wall for shear how will I retrofit into the ends of the CMU shear panels sufficient steel (jamb bars) to satisfy any potential uplift requirement? I do anticipate encasing the perimeter of the large door openings with steel channels or welded angles.


Any suggestions?


Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



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