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Re: [SPAM] - RE: [SPAM] - Re: Pouring Concrete==>>please STOP demeaning ACI!!

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On Oct 24, 2004, at 7:03 AM, Syed Faiz wrote:

Look around you (left, right and top) you'll find a Democrat who is in philosophy a half-baked-communist.
This whole thread really has to be the nuttiest non-discussion I ever heard on this list, and I include the various exchanges between Bill P and me on a variety of issues. As a liberal democrat, who learned it the hard way, before half the people on this list were toilet-trained, I really resent the hell out of an idiotic characterization like this. Bad enough to have a government (as if!) who lumps dissenters with terrorists, but Sayed's crack is beyond stupid. I really hate hearing engineers perpetuate the stereotype of the techno-geek who knows everything about nothing that I've been trying to live down for 45 years.

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